Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Quick Update

Hello floppy disk fans, thought it was about time I put out a quick update, don't want people thinking we're slacking! Life continues apace at DER, and hot on the heels of the excellent EP from Pollux (www.disketteetikette.tk/der005.html), we have our next release from Paregorik out at the end of the week. More details to follow, but expect harsh noise...

Following that, we have forthcoming releases from Subterrestrial and RedSK, a floppy compilation, a split, a super special release so super and so special that we've reserved the cat no DER006 for it, and a cd-r from Heirdrain (Yes, a cd-r, sorry floppy purists!)

As always you can keep up to date with everything here, via the website, or via Myspace.

Thanks for all the support, and spread the floppy word!


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