Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Happy Wednesday

Hello folks, quick update. DER007 from Paregorik is out now, get your floppy noise fix now by heading to the website! Materials for DER008 are being sourced as we speak, so Map of the Interior World by Subterrestrial will be with you in the next week or so! Expect chiptunes, hollow earth theory, old maps, string, and of course floppy disks!

I am also in the process of setting up a proper webstore, for those who want to buy things but are too shy to email and ask! Details will follow.

Following all of this, releases will be coming from RedSK, Heirdrain, jjoth/Fm-Ra, Guillotines/Lost in Bazaar, and more!

Exciting times.

Finally, I have come across a whole bag of old floppies, so a recycled floppy release could soon be in the works (thanks to Guy and Claire for bringing them to my attention!)

As always, is the place to go for more info!


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