Thursday, 24 June 2010

DER005 out now!!!

DER005 Pollux - Riot from the Sky is out today!

6 tracks of warm, ambient electronica from France, the perfect soundtrack to late night trips through deepspace. 35 copies on floppy disk, available now from or by emailing

A bargain at £2.50 inc P&P!

Also coming up on DER soon are releases from Paregorik, Subterrestrial, RedSK, Fm-Ra and jjoth, as well as a compilation of retro-futurist delights! The future's bright, the future's floppy.


Sunday, 13 June 2010

DER004 out tomorrow!

After a short holiday-related break, DER is back and raring to go, and this begins with the release tomorrow of DER004: Flat Affect - MIDI Sessions Vol. 2.

And as we're just so damned nice, this release also contains the first physical outing for the 1st volume of MIDI Sessions, released online last year via 4m@ records.

Therefore, for just £2.50, you could have yourselves nearly 80 minutes of soothing MIDI drone, and experience what the slow, glitchy death of a 1980s computer would sound like.

Email to get hold of a copy, there are just 35 of them.

Also don't forget to check out the website at to get hold of the first 3 releases from jjoth, Microbit Project and Fm-Ra.