Sunday, 30 January 2011

2011 releases

The first two releases of 2011 are available now, and what cracking releases they are!

First up we have a 5-diskette DS techno opus from Germany's Sascha Müller, entitled Krankenhaus Traxx. Recorded during a spell in hospital last year, and suitably packaged in bandages. There are just 14 copies of this, of which only 6 remain. Available from the shop ( for £3.50 UK/£4.00 everywhere else.

Next up we have "The Cholesky Decomposition Method" from the experimental Norwegian duo bjerga/iversen. A single 18 minute drone workout, processed from layers of electronics, guitars, tape recorders and contact mics, and pressed on to one lovely floppy disk. These come packaged in black felt pouches, hand made by my Grandma. 35 copies of this, available by emailing, and from the shop soon!

Next up, after a quick holiday, will be the Summer Blend EP by one man grind/powerviolence artist Ciderfiend, which as usual will have some pretty special packaging! Then we have releases from Te Lloraria Un Puto Rio and Graffiti Mechanism, followed by our second compilation.

Keep it floppy