Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Now That's What I Call Retro-Futurism Vol. 2

Hello floppy fans!

Exciting news - the second volume in our compilation series is out now! 14 tracks, 2 floppies, plastic cases, tags, £3.50. There's even a video on this bad boy!

It includes the following:

Field recordings from bjerga/iversen (Norway)
Lo-bit calculator music from Graffiti Mechanism (USA)
Dark Ambient from Heirdrain (Canada)
Vegan grind from Meatpacker (England)
Weirdness from Consistency Nature (USA)
Noise from Paregorik (Czech Republic)
Grindcore from Rectal Twat (USA)
Electronica from Subterrestrial (USA)
Noisecore from Ugly Rumors (Czech Republic)
Noise from 1 + 1 = A Window (Wales) - in lo-fi and hi-fi versions
Acoustic noisecore from D//Cereghini (Canada)
Circuit bent toys from Zebra Mu (England)
Drone from Back to the Fucking Future (?)

And a video from German techno meister Sascha Müller.

All for just £3.50, a reet bargain I'm sure you'll agree. 35 copies as usual, get in quick!

After that excitement will come an album very shortly from the king of lo-bit, Cryovolcano, releases from Consistency Nature, Rainbow Valley, \\\Sorry/Socrates/// and boy+girl, plus many more after that.

As always, http://www.disketteetikette.tk is the place to visit.


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