Tuesday, 9 November 2010

DER 013 out today!

The latest release from Diskette Etikette Rekords is out today, in a super limited edition of just 15 copies!

DER013 1 + 1 = A Window - Snapped Off

New 4 minute blast of layered, whirling noise from this Welsh chap, following up a series of awesome 3" cdr releases on various international noise labels.

Comes in a brown paper envelope, on either white or blue floppy disks.

Available now for just £2.50 UK/£3.50 everywhere else, visit www.disketteetikette.tk for more details, or email neil.jennings84@googlemail.com to order a copy before they all disappear!

The next few releases are already being prepared, and include gems from Fm-Ra/jjoth, Toxic Chicken, Ciderfiend, Sascha Muller, bjerga/iversen and more, so keep your floppy eyes peeled!


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