Sunday, 23 May 2010

Diskette Etikette Net

The new netlabel subsidiary of Diskette Etikette Rekords is now up and running!

Diskette Etikette Net will release selected DER releases as free downloads via the internet archive, beginning with DEN003: Fm-Ra - Timeless.

Timeless is already available on super limited Floppy Disks, but a high quality version is now available from:

Check it out for free now, and if you like it, buy the real thing!!!



  1. great idea, man.
    the "try before you buy" concept!

    big respect

  2. Timeless is such a sublime release from Neil. You really understood what I wanted to express with the music and the picture. The whole concept is exactly that - a whole. Really big respect to Neil. Also, want to work with Proc someday, Adam.

  3. haha, by all means, man!
    after hearing this release i can
    be sure you are a dedicated artist (: